The Weary Warriors: Histories of Resignation and Rally


Season 1
  1. Plunge
  2. Cold Feet
  3. One Dwarfs Trash
  4. Sore Pasts
  5. Smoky Flavor
  6. Down the Drain
  7. Beating a Path
  8. It Takes a Village
  9. Foil
  10. Reckoning
  11. Alone With Everyone
  12. Emergence Season
  13. Second Shift
  14. Extradition
  15. Deep Society
  16. Burden of a Clan

Expect the following:

Here's a preview of the main cast, from Chapter 4

Still here? Enjoy this bas-relief from the mountainhome.

It depicts the three kinds of dwarf performing their traditional labors. Specifically, it consists of an *engraving of a gnome artisan*, an ≡engraving of a heinzel organiser≡, and an +engraving of a troll worker+. The Deep-dwarvish words have double meanings behind them. ;)